WELCOME TO MY WEBSITE: Or perhaps more aptly put: Welcome to My Nightmare, as Alice Cooper would say. As a writer of many genres over the years experimenting with horror, fantasy, science fiction, and every sub-genre in between, I have finally found my true writer's voice in telling a good ghost story. At least I hope so. Ever since I was a kid I have loved ghost tales, murder mysteries, and anything paranormal. It seems I have come full circle in my reading choices and writing. While these genres are dark, moody, spooky, and scary they do not necessarily translate into horror alone. Every story is a mystery, but stating you write in a particular genre can be limiting and often gives a different impression of your work. When asked I sometimes try to be noncommittal by saying I write fiction. But with titles like Creepies or The Shuddering, well, they speak for themselves. Kind of. They are ghost stories and have elements of horror. I'll leave it at that. In the end the reader is left to decide. I have simply put my thoughts on paper and hope people will enjoy my nightmare.

I invite readers and writers alike to check out the various pages here. I love to hear from people, so if you have time to comment or have a question, I would love to hear from you. You can do so via the Contact button, the Goodreads site or the Write Spot Blog. On this site you'll find samples of published work via the Portfolio page or something new on the Excerpt page. This page may highlight a recent publication or a work in progress (WIP). Currently, you can view the opening of my Kindle story, The shuddering.

Note: Unlike most authors I am not listed on all social media sites. Some sites are better than others. Personally, I find it a waste of time. Suffice it to say I would rather spend my time writing. However, I have selected a few sites to keep connected and will update as needed.
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Sandy Bernstein is the author of Creepies and The Shuddering
Both stories are available on Kindle
The Shuddering
The Fish are biting in this paranormal tale.